Sunday, August 23, 2009

Top 10 List

Things No One Told Me When I got Pregnant:

(1) Half of the things in Belly Laughs. Read it.

(2) The mere mention of food can make you sick. You don't even have to ingest it or see it to gag.

(3) Some women experience regular contractions for the four weeks leading up to birth and that you may not, "just know" when you're in labor. In fact, that some women who've had several babies, still sometimes don't "just know" when they're in labor.

(4) An epidural can make you REALLY itchy.

(5) Pitocin makes you swell. A LOT!

(6) The post-partum period is hard. Very hard. Incredibly hard.

(7) Things you were able to eat while pregnant, you may not be able to eat while you're nursing (example: I could eat onions while pregnant, but can't eat them while nursing because it makes Connor VERY sick).

(8) That your brain is literally sucked out during delivery and doesn't return for a while.

(9) That pumping would be THIS hard.

(10) That after you have a baby, you can not only be hormonal, but certifiably crying in the car because your husband asked you why you were dialing a number...and translating his question into the idea that he is YELLING at you...literally yelling.

And a bonus:

(11) That you forget what pregnancy is truly like almost immediately after giving birth. Otherwise, how else could we do it all over again??!!


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