Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Typical New Mommy

Because I had experience with countless babies from my babysitting, nanny, and pre-school work, I have escaped a lot of the typical new mom experiences. I never worried when we brought him home from the hospital that he would stop breathing. I never stressed about little coos or squeaks when he was in his cradle at night. I never worried that I would break him or how I should hold him. I thought I was an old pro....that is, until today!

Mr. Howard went off to work and I was charged with watching our baby boy. After making myself breakfast, I returned to our little one and found him with a wet back and hair. I had just changed him, but somehow he had managed to pee all over himself. I was a little nervous about bathing him by myself (he's so squirmy and can't control his head yet, which makes him vulnerable to squirm his head into the water), but I undertook the task. "How many babies have I successfully bathed sans Mr. Howard? 20? 30? 40?" I asked myself. Heck, I was even a lifeguard at a few toddler's parties. I got the camera ready, got his little towel and wash cloth, filled the tub, and put him in the bath.

Things went pretty well and I even snapped a few adorable photos for his baby book. I took him out and put him in my lap, getting ready to put lotion on his legs and feet (they're still peely), when all of a sudden I heard him "gurgle breathing." It sounded, I swear, as though he had swallowed water and had it in his lungs. Even though logically I knew this couldn't be possible as I had never taken my eyes off him, I panicked. "He's drowning," was my first thought. My second thought was, "I have to get to the phone to call Mom. She'll know what to do." After burping him a bit and having my mom tell me there was no way he could be full of water, I calmed down. His breathing went back to normal and he's taking a nap now (FYI: I've checked on him twice to make sure he's still breathing). :-)

I guess no mom, no matter how experienced, escapes the new mommy syndrome.


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