Sunday, September 20, 2009

Connor's Doctor Appointment


  • Weight: 8 lb 13 oz
  • Head Size: 15.75 inches
  • Height: 23 inches
  • Lots of vaccinations (4 to be exact)

Unfortunately, you may have noticed that his weight was only 8 lbs 13 ounces. According to his height and age, this puts him in the 5th percentile (which means that he is only heavier than 5% of boys his age and height). While I'm feeling a bit better about it today, this devastated me when I found out on Friday. I feel like I work so hard to nurse him and have already called a lactation consultant to help assist me in pumping more while I'm working, and it seems nothing works. Our pediatrician pointed out that the tiny blue spot on his forehead (I had noticed this about a week ago) is actually a result of dehydration, which also makes me soo very sad.

We have created a plan that I feel good about, which may actually require me to take a day this upcoming week to stay home and just feed him. Then this upcoming Thursday we have an appointment to follow-up with our pediatrician. We've also been instructed to start waking him up every 2 hours during the nighttime (we were letting him sleep throughout the night) to get him to feed. Of course, we will keep you updated after his appointment!


The Schult Family said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Connor is lucky to have a Mommy and Daddy that love him so.... keep up all that good, HARD work (and I know it's hard!). You are awesome!

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