Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Extravaganza

The last weekend in August, we drove down to Southern California to visit friends and family. Our first destination was Casa de Pants: Jen & Brett's beautiful new house. After a six hour exhausting drive, we were greeted by Jen and a sleeping Brett.

After a busy day, complete with a delicious breakfast, a shopping trip to target, a trip to the jeweler to get our rings cleaned and re-dipped, and Pinkberry with Lucia, we headed out to Orange to visit with family.
Karen wanted to "steal" Connor and the rest of the family, while I'm sure they loved him, were happy to hand him back over to us.
A family picture, minus the photographer!
No Saturday night would be complete without a gazillion warm tortillas dipped in honey butter or salsa. So off we went to Fashion Island, where we met with Sara, Nate, Andrew, Jen, Brett, & Mary at El Torrito Grill.
Mr. Howard and Mary (below)
Me, Sara, Nate, & Andrew (below):
Mary and Connor (below):
We ended a night of visits with friends and family with a quick stop to see Casey (below)!
Sunday, after breakfast, Mr. Howard and I headed over to the beach to show Connor the beautiful views. After finally getting some non-hair-blowing/non-fussy-baby photos, we headed down to Madison's First Birthday Party, where we were able to visit with Allison & Jack for a bit.
Brett fanning Connor with his wallet in the HOT, HOT weather!!
Proud Daddy, Jack, watching the pinata fun!
The Beautiful Baby Girl - One Years Old:
Father & Son in Redondo (below):
A family Photo (someone took pity on us and offered to take a photo):
We ended Sunday with a 7.5 hour long drive home.
All-in-all, it was an INCREDIBLY productive weekend, which only would have been better with a visit from Jordan.


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