Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sixteen Weeks Old

Connor has been standing A LOT. My sister took an adorable photo of him standing a couple days ago that I'll have to post as proof. I guess I should clarify that he is not standing by himself, but holding onto our fingers and supporting his own weight. He continues to talk, talk, talk and gets frustrated if we don't pay attention to him right away. He is beginning to dislike getting strapped into his car seat. He doesn't mind being in it once he's strapped in, but he will squirm and fight us while getting him all settled inside. He continues to be an adorable little ham for Mommy and Daddy (and really anyone who will look at him and give him attention). I see how people, namely the 18 Kids and Counting folks, can get suckered into having more and more babies. They're just so adorable! He's definitely our little Love Bug!

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