Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seventeen Weeks Old

This week marked Connor's first holiday in the outside world! This time last year I was pregnant, but didn't know it, so Connor did actually experience a Halloween in the womb.

As Connor gets older, there are so many memories I want to hold onto. Here are just a few tiny glimpses into the Howards lives:

Mr. Howard and I used to slowdance with Connor in our arms to Kings of Leon. When we brought him home from the hospital, he was so incredibly tiny and wanted to be curled up tight in our arms. I would hold him in my arms and Mr. Howard would stand behind me with his arms wrapped around me, holding Connor and we would dance to the music for 20-30 minutes until we were so exhausted we had to crawl into bed to sleep for an hour or two.

The second memory that seems sooo far away is a memory I have from the hospital. Right after Connor was born, Mr. Howard was exhausted (I can just see all the women across the world reading this with shocked looks on their faces, shaking their heads in disbelief). Yes, I realize it sounds silly that my husband, the one who didn't push a baby out, was exhausted, but it is true. He was so tired in fact, that he kept falling asleep after we were brought into our post-partum room. The pediatrician would come in to talk about shots or Connor's check-ups, then my doctor would come in to check on me, and then they'd bring me a meal...and all the while Mr. Howard would be snoring - loudly - and I'd be thinking, "please don't notice that my husband is snoring...please snore more quietly, babe." It's funny that I was concerned with it. I'm SURE they've seen worse. I'm sure they understand. But in the moment, I was SOO focused on it and so embarassed by it. What I should have been more focused on was the fact that I wasn't snoring - what on Earth did I think I had to be awake for?!? I certainly paid the price of that when we got home and I was "on-call" to feed him every hour and a half.


Courtney H said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

for memory #1....I LOVE this.

for memory #2....you were just a typical nutty post partum mom! I will never reveal some of my real thoughts or feelings during that time frame. You are brave! LOL.

I love your blog Mrs. Howard. You guys are raising such a beautiful baby!

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

He looks quite handsome. I am glad the outfit fits him. I found another one you might like, too.

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