Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Birthday Celebration

Every year Mr. Howard and I do our own birthday celebration for him and then we do a second one with the whole family. This year we debated about taking Little Man to a sitter for the first one (at Lucille's BBQ), but decided he should join us for our family tradition. We also did something a bit different this year - I hosted the family dinner!

I think Connor thought the cake was for him!

Look at Connor's Face I can't take credit for the delicious chocolate rasberry cake, but it was a hit!

I can, however, take credit for the Baked Sausage Penne we ate (all organic)! I know it's one of Mr. Howard's favorites!

Opening Presents - Mr. Howard got Hangover, a tie, 2 shirts, and really nice dress slacks!Denny and Connor Can you see Jake in the background to the right?Let's get this party started! Normally we do not allow anything Christmas related at Mr. Howard's birthday (a pet peeve of his), but while I was dressed (a rarity on vacations), I wanted a picture of Little Man and I near the tree). The Birthday Boy - A Big 27 - With his Mini Me (in a jeep shirt)My sister has more photos, namely the ones with the cake. When she sends them, I can add to this post!


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