Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gro Baby

On Black Friday, Mr. Howard and I picked out these new Gro Baby diapers. We got two of the ones like the picture (with Velcro) and one vanilla snaps one.

Positives: I love the color and style!! I really adore the sleekness (not a super bulky diaper). I love that they are adjustable and the fact that you can buy one size and keep it forever, is very attractive to me.

Negatives: I'm not a fan of the snap in diaper liners. I didn't really feel like when I bought them I truly understood how these liners worked and both Mr. Howard and I feel like there isn't a lot of versatility with them.

Overall, I think, if I maybe had about 10 more snap-in liners I might feel a little better about them. They certainly don't rank higher than the bumGenius ones we love!


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