Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a Big Boy We Have

Why? You Ask!

  1. Connor officially had to have the cradle part of his pack-n-play in our room removed (he was pulling himself up in it during naptime and we were worried about him toppling over). He is now in a big boy crib only!! **See the picture above of him in his pack-n-play in our room...and yes, he's a tummy sleeper...and no, I never put him to sleep on his tummy...and no, I'm not going to wake him up everytime he goes to sleep on his belly and turn him over!** =)
  2. He slept the entire night through (don't get too excited...keep reading) in his crib!!! We've been working really hard (let's be honest, I've been working really hard) to get him out of our bed and into his crib and he had a whole night's worth of success!! After we have a few more night's of success and maybe at least ONE night of continuous sleep (yep, he hasn't slept a whole night through since his weight scare), we'll begin moving him into his nursery.
  3. He weighs so much that I can barely carry his carseat (with him in it, of course) anymore. I have to muster the strength just taking him in and out of the house and when we're out of the house, Mr. Howard has to carry him!
  4. He can sit up for about 30 seconds to a minute all by himself!


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