Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thirty-three Weeks Old

We got this ADORABLE hat from ETSY. Everything there is handmade and we bought him a few adorable crochet hats because we just couldn't help ourselves!

This week he has been standing, running (in his walker), talking, and playing. He can FINALLY sit in his baby jail independently and play with his toys for a bit. He still looks to make sure we're close by, but at least I can go pee without trying to find something for him to do.

His note says: "Look Uncle Colin! I am thirty-three weeks old today. I've been a little Hoodini this week: figuring how out to escape all sorts of baby objects (high chairs, swings, baby jails, and even the beginnings of cribs). Mommy and Daddy have their work cut out for them."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Little Runner

Dear PETA,

I would like you to know that I love my puppy dogs sooo very much and sometimes that love is manifested in the form of chasing. Nana has contributed to my unhealthy portrayal of love by buying me a contraption that makes my new quest to constantly be around my brothers a giant success. I assure you that my concerned parents are working on teaching me loving touches and soft petting, but I am having trouble understanding the difference between waving my arms violently in my brothers' faces, grabbing hold of their hair (just like Mommy's hair and earrings), and softly petting them. I watch my daddy play with them and I look up to my daddy so much that I, too, want to interact. It's just that whenever I walk towards them, they back away! It makes me so very sad and I'm positive that they aren't meaning to back up, that I eagerly approach them, hoping to allay their fears. The more they back-up, the more it becomes imperative I must get to them to hug them!

I will continue to work on not chasing them and petting them softly, but in the meantime, please bear with my learning curve.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Look at What I Found...

In the beginning of the week, on Monday, I had Connor in the high chair feeding him, when he fell asleep (this is a pretty typical experience in our household). I left him in the chair, while I began cleaning up and doing dishes and even started some laundry. I could hear him stirring in the other room, so I headed out to grab him out of the high chair and play with him, when I discovered that he had figured out how to climb out of the high chair and was standing in it, grabbing hold of the back! He was about ready to start climbing down the side!!! I thought to myself, "alright well. We've entered the phase of strapping him into the seat securely." Who knew what the rest of my week was going to be like...

Later, on Thursday, Mr. Howard and I were doing something in the other room while Connor was taking a nap. All of a sudden we heard his mobile making music. Both of us were as confused as could be, as neither one of us had turned it on. Mr. Howard peeked around the corner and discovered he was standing. We grabbed the camera and caught him on tape! He clearly wanted to hear the music play!

Later in the week (I had the week off), to my surprise, after running into the bedroom to grab a bottle, I discovered my big guy standing at his "baby jail."
Then, yesterday, after a VERY ROUGH day, I decided to try putting him in the swing!! I knew how much he loves the swing at daycare, so I thought I'd try anything. I even snapped the photo below at how adorable he was sitting in it (watching the pups). I headed to the bathroom for a moment and heard him fussing. I finished trying to install a light plate and headed out to check on him and to my SURPRISE (and horror) there was Connor, on the ground next to the swing!!!! I still have not figured out how he found a way out of it. The plastic bar is still fastened closed (locked in place) and the little seatbelt that goes between his legs and snaps around his hips is also still locked in place. He would have REALLY had to use some smarts to get out of the two safety locks!

Alright, moms, is this a boy thing or just a "I figured out how to be mobile" thing?!? Courtney, you have two girls and a boy...did your girls do this kinda stuff? My mom said I didn't.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Confessions of a *New* Mama

Some of these are embarrassing. But this blog isn't about making me look like the perfect wife or perfect mother. It's about documenting reality. So here it real as it comes!

  • I was never worried about delivery or getting my body back when I was pregnant.
  • When I was pregnant, I hated when people said, "Oh. Just wait. Your house will be messy when you have a baby. Just you wait and see" and currently do everything in my power (even if it means getting up early or going to bed late) to prove them wrong daily.
  • When I was pregnant, I hated when people acted smug that they had had a natural birth. We all pushed a baby out! We all are happy with our choices. And at the end of the day, I had a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL birth experience.
  • Okay all you fellow blog readers, don't be mad about this one, but honestly, I think people who have natural births are crazy. Of course I'm being slightly dramatic. But, really. Those same people would never have a root canal without medicine. **Don't hate me. I said it'd be real, not necessarily pretty**
  • I have NEVER sterilized a bottle...ever!
  • I sometimes let Little Man cry in his crib so that I can take a shower.
  • I feel TREMENDOUS guilt about not breastfeeding past 5 months, even though I know I did everything I could to work on it (seeing and talking to lactation consultants, seeing my pediatrician, and even taking a few days off work to simply nurse).
  • I haven't had a manicure or a pedicure since a couple weeks after Connor was born and I NEED it!
  • I wonder how my husband is able to make a decision about what Connor is going to wear or how he manages to make himself breakfast and get out the door on time on Thursday's when he is a stay-at-home daddy.
  • I feel embarrassed when Connor isn't wearing socks - I feel like people look at me with disdain, like he isn't well cared for...when in reality he just pulls them off the second you put them on him.
  • I think my child is absolutely, unequivocally one of the most adorable babies to ever have walked the earth.
  • I will sometimes let Connor sit in a poopy diaper if I know Mr. Howard is on his way home.
  • After reading a blog about a mama who's baby boy drowned in the tub, I am beyond a NERVOUS NINNY while Connor is in the tub. As a mom, it has truly been a lesson in NEVER TAKING YOUR EYES off your little one. Feel free to visit the mama's blog and send beautiful prayers her way (her precious boy just woke up a few days ago)!!!!
  • I trust Mr. Howard wholeheartedly with long as he doesn't give him a bath when I'm not home.
  • I don't feel guilty about working. I watched this interview with an actress who said that being a working mommy is constant guilt. I just don't feel this way. Of course I cried the first few times I left him at daycare. Of course there are days when I want to snuggle with him. Of course there are days when I think, "maybe I should stay home full time." But guilt isn't in my vocabulary anymore. At this point in my life, for me, I am a better, more present Mommy when I have a break during the day. Although I do love getting to be a stay-at-home mommy every couple of months (ahh the joys of teaching).
  • I could cry when I see my husband rub Connor's back or love on him when he bumps his head.
  • I sometimes feel overwhelmed.
  • I pray daily about Connor. "Please, Lord, let this bump be nothing...please let him stop crying...thank you for such a wonderful, whole child...Thank you for giving me the gift of motherhood."
  • Whenever someone asks me how old Connor is, I'm tempted to lie. I want to say, "a few weeks old" because that's what he is to me. I feel like saying his real age makes it seem like we had him forever ago.
  • Being a mom has made me more passionate about Prop 8 and equal rights. Connor should live in a world where discrimination doesn't exist.
  • When Connor is fighting naptime, I try DESPERATELY to get him to go down. It is less about him needing the nap than it is about me needing the nap.
  • Sometimes when Connor smiles or does something truly amazing (like the other day when I stuck my tongue out at him, and he did it back to me!!!!) I think, "Gosh he is brilliant."
  • I get annoyed with Moms who think their children are brilliant.
  • I am jealous that Mr. Howard gets to go to school at nights and that it means I can't go to the gym.
  • I worry there will come a day when I have the time (and a babysitter) to go to the gym because then, of course, I'll really have to go.
  • I desperately want another child, but wish I could find a way to not have to donate my body to the cause.
  • I want Connor to say Mama first.
  • I want Connor to think I'm an amazing Mommy.
  • I want Mr. Howard to be proud of me.
  • I sometimes judge other Mommas.
  • I wonder how Mr. Howard thinks the laundry gets done and the diaper bag gets packed (diaper and laundry fairy, I'm sure).
  • I feel immensely grateful for having experienced pregnancy.
  • I don't want to be judged for these confessions!!!! Y

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thirty-two Weeks Old

It's fitting that this week's card is dedicated to Jen & Brett and Connor is wearing his Mallow Out Dude shirt from them (actually a coincidence).

I take it back. The other pictures have not been that difficult to take. I've complained in posts before that these photos are becoming increasingly difficult and Connor, just as he loves to do, proved me wrong. This week was close to impossible to take. It took two separate days and a million mess-ups to get the one we ended up with. We finally decided to let him stand next to the chair because we would have had a better chance of winning the lottery than we would have in getting him in the chair without screaming, crying, or trying to eat the paper.

I am hoping that this is just a quick phase he is going through and that next week we'll be able to get an adorable photo!! **Oprah says if you put it out into the universe, it will happen. So let's test the theory!**

We applied for Connor's very first passport today and he even did it like a big boy (without the black blanket) and even looked at the woman taking his photo. Too bad we couldn't have taken her home with us to take the weekly photo today!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Umm...I don't know about this!

For a few weeks now the baby books have been saying that Connor can start finger foods. But they also have been saying not to give him anything but stage 1 foods (anybody else completely confused by this?). Well this week, they finally said I can give him Baby Crackers. So, while Mr. Howard was in class, we tried a few out. See the hilarity that ensued below:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

So I haven't had an opportunity to blog, yet, about what a wonderful husband I have! Last Friday, Mr. Howard sent me a dozen red roses (pictured below) to work. I think he has done this every year since I've worked at my current school. We came home from work Friday and had a babysitter (thanks Aunt Katie & Uncle Denny) watch Little Man while Mr. Howard took me out to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Right before we arrived at the restaurant, he asked me if I wanted my present. Surprised, I answered "yes." Reaching behind the seat, he said "now it isn't much..." and I instantly shushhed him and told him that I'd love it. Then he handed me that little turquoise (can you even label the bag that color or do we just universally call it the Tiffany's blue) bag that all women swoon over. Inside was a beautiful silver necklace. What a thoughtful husband I have! Then, he lovingly told me to order whatever drink I wanted and that he would drive (I think I've had one "real" drink since Connor was born and certainly not before that for at least a year). I instantly decided on a lemon drop (mmmm). After a DELICIOUS ahi tuna and steak dinner, I ordered a pomegranate martini (ahhhhhh) and was lost in the romance, delicious food, and vodka (hehe) for the rest of the evening. Thank you for making me feel special, baby! I love you!

Before Heading Out to Dinner
He sent these to work:

What a Smartie Pants

Have I mentioned that my husband has gone back to school? A few months ago he came home with a plan: he had researched different schools, had requested information from one in particular, was in love with their organizational leadership degree, and was attending an information session and a meeting with the admissions people the following week. This was a big change from the Mr. Howard I knew (who always touted that school was "not [his] thing"). I was completely on board. My parents also instantly got on board and lovingly offered to pay. Thanks Mom and Dad!

It's been a lot for Mr. Howard. He works every day, rushes home to pick Little Man up from daycare, and gets dinner started. I normally walk in around 5pm and he has to leave around 5:30pm. So we eat quickly (normally standing in the kitchen) and try to catch up on our days. We generally don't get to talk when he gets home at 10:30 (because sleepy-head Mrs. Howard needs her beauty rest). Despite the hardwork it takes to dedicate the amount of time he needs to his family and school, he hasn't given up! get to the point...Mr. Howard took his very first midterm last week and learned yesterday that he was the only student in his class to get a perfect 90 out of 90! I am so incredibly impressed and proud!! Way to go, babe!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Alright folks, it's time to place your bets! He's pulling himself to the stand position (first time yesterday). When do you think he's going to be walking? Here's who's casted their vote already:

Daddy: 2 weeks from now
Mommy: 2 months from now (wishful thinking?)
Grandpa Kirk: 6 weeks from now

A Walker for the Walker!

I fully realize that I like to operate under a lot of disclaimers and today's post is no different. So here goes: I KNOW that walkers are not recommended. I have read the research, spoken to my doctor, and am fully aware of the risks. I also know that if you limit a child's time (one of the risks is that long-time exposure can hurt a baby's hips) in one and don't allow them to head down stairs or any other major roadways (the other main risk is that they will hurt themselves heading over an obstacle they can't see), they will be fine. My mom did a lot of research and looked up the consumer reports on a few different kinds and headed out and bought him one. Boy-oh-boy does he LOVE it!!!!! Here's a video from the first time we put him one!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Valentine's Day Trip to the Zoo

Our Trip to the Zoo Today!!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to All Our Friends and Family!
We can't imagine our lives without you!

And to My Husband: the vows I took on July 14th, 2007 still stand as cherished as on that day-

"I take you to be my husband. I want to grow old along with you; I want to share the blessings of children and family with you. Today [and everyday] before these honored guests [and blog readers], I vow to love you and honor you. I vow to respect you, listen to you, and grow with you, through good times and bad times." I love you times infinity to the infinite power!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bath Time

I don't normally upload multiple photos of the same event, but I just couldn't pass this opportunity up! He's just so adorable!! Plus, he proved me wrong when I posted THIS about how he won't sit in the bath.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Now I need a few more to go along with the two I have!

His two teeth!!! What a big boy!

Thirty-one Weeks Old

Valentine's Day is coming up and boy-oh-boy are we full of love for our little man! He is such a ham and is full of SOOOO much energy. To think we were tuckered out before we had a baby! What did we have to be so tired about?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Nap Time Game

What game, you ask? Oh come on, know this game! The one where we have twelve million things to do and our babies are sooooooo tired, so we put them down for a nap and they decide that it is at that very moment we are the funniest humans alive.

This is the game I've been playing with Connor for almost an hour!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Jail

At daycare they have a few of these "Baby Jails." Connor absolutely LOVES it!! At his pal, Joshua's, birthday party he sat in there for about 15 minutes completely enthralled with everything! We have officially bought our own and I cannot wait for it to arrive. Both Mr. Howard and I are exhausted after a few hours of hovering over him, making sure he doesn't pull cords down, grab at objects and put them in his mouth, or scoot to areas that aren't yet baby proofed. We're planning on making our baby jail all cozy with his Pal Scout, all his fuzzy friends, and his blankets! Ahhh...come on...Arive already!!!

It's All Mommy's Fault

When Mr. Howard, the family, and I were taking a stroll towards the beach at South Lake Tahoe, we had to walk through a little tunnel that was covered in ice. We were all being careful and even having a conversation about falling, when I lost my balance and slipped (while holding Connor). I did my best to keep him over my body (I fell on my rear end) and, in all fairness, I accomplished that task. Unfortunately for me (and of course Connor) there was a bank of ice to the left of me and Connor went head first into it.

Comedically (although, not so funny at the time), when Mr. Howard heard my yelp, he turned to try to catch me [or take little man and save him...not really sure what his motives were], thereby causing himself to lose his balance, slip, and fall much harder than I did.

Instantly Connor started screaming. Mommy instincts kicked in and Mr. Howard and I started holding him and bouncing him...until my dad looked over and said in a quite panicked, raised voice, "There is blood all over his face!" Let me pause here for a moment and tell you that this is quite possibly one of the worst things you'd like to hear. I'm sure there are more traumatic things that no mom would like to ever hear (and I will not mention any others), but as a whole, I do not believe any mother or father likes to have someone point out that there is blood pouring from his/her child's face.

It was at that point that things got pretty interesting. My husband and father decided to begin freaking out, while my sister and Mom were trying to be helpful. I ordered Mom, Sister, David, and Dad to head to the beach, while I took Connor into my own arms and headed for the car, ordering hubby to get it together and come with me. My dad, who was never really great at following directions, decided to ignore my request and instead followed behind us.

Long story short: the bleeding stopped; Little Moutain Man stopped crying long before my Dad and Hubby decided it was safe to stop freaking out; Connor was left with a HUGE goosegg and was put on concussion watch for the following 24 hours; Mommy learned who was going to be the calm parent in times of crisis; Grandpa learned that his daughter might actually be able to handle herself (well, he probably didn't learn this...but I'd like to hope so); Daddy learned that Mommy is the expert caller of the Advice Nurse (this is the second time I've called); and Connor learned that when walking with Mommy in ice, he should learn how to cover his face!
**This was the picture, above, that my sister managed to take at the beach despite all the drama!**

Connor's First Trip to the Snow

Just a Few Highlights:
Little Man Received Compliments Everywhere we went.
At this restaurant, the waiter even asked to hold him!
Mommy and Her Little Squiggle Worm:
My Sister Took This while we were snowboarding. Gorgeous!
The Howard Bunch
Little Mountain Man
Dinner with Friends
My Hubby and I (it was our unofficial anniversary of the night we started dating a LONG time ago)
A Weekend of Sisters

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thirty Weeks Old

The little cut on his face was from our first big accident (see a later post describing this). He is loving everything, moving with such purpose, and talking up a storm!! He tried squash tonight (we couldn't find organic...booo) and seemed to like it better than apples and bananas. We haven't moved to stage two food yet, although he's going to be seven months on Sunday! Ahhhh. The little poop WILL NOT sit unsuported. Gosh, bath time would be sooo much easier if he would just give in and work with Mommy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Second Tooth

On Saturday, a second tooth popped up out of Connor's mouth! No wonder he was in so much pain! He had a two-for-one deal going on in his mouth! He now has his two lower central incisor's.

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