Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's All Mommy's Fault

When Mr. Howard, the family, and I were taking a stroll towards the beach at South Lake Tahoe, we had to walk through a little tunnel that was covered in ice. We were all being careful and even having a conversation about falling, when I lost my balance and slipped (while holding Connor). I did my best to keep him over my body (I fell on my rear end) and, in all fairness, I accomplished that task. Unfortunately for me (and of course Connor) there was a bank of ice to the left of me and Connor went head first into it.

Comedically (although, not so funny at the time), when Mr. Howard heard my yelp, he turned to try to catch me [or take little man and save him...not really sure what his motives were], thereby causing himself to lose his balance, slip, and fall much harder than I did.

Instantly Connor started screaming. Mommy instincts kicked in and Mr. Howard and I started holding him and bouncing him...until my dad looked over and said in a quite panicked, raised voice, "There is blood all over his face!" Let me pause here for a moment and tell you that this is quite possibly one of the worst things you'd like to hear. I'm sure there are more traumatic things that no mom would like to ever hear (and I will not mention any others), but as a whole, I do not believe any mother or father likes to have someone point out that there is blood pouring from his/her child's face.

It was at that point that things got pretty interesting. My husband and father decided to begin freaking out, while my sister and Mom were trying to be helpful. I ordered Mom, Sister, David, and Dad to head to the beach, while I took Connor into my own arms and headed for the car, ordering hubby to get it together and come with me. My dad, who was never really great at following directions, decided to ignore my request and instead followed behind us.

Long story short: the bleeding stopped; Little Moutain Man stopped crying long before my Dad and Hubby decided it was safe to stop freaking out; Connor was left with a HUGE goosegg and was put on concussion watch for the following 24 hours; Mommy learned who was going to be the calm parent in times of crisis; Grandpa learned that his daughter might actually be able to handle herself (well, he probably didn't learn this...but I'd like to hope so); Daddy learned that Mommy is the expert caller of the Advice Nurse (this is the second time I've called); and Connor learned that when walking with Mommy in ice, he should learn how to cover his face!
**This was the picture, above, that my sister managed to take at the beach despite all the drama!**


lynda said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It was pretty scary to look over and see blood coming from Little Man's head. All in all I think it was handled well for the first goose egg. We all had a blast, and I am so lucky to have such a great family.

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