Sunday, February 21, 2010

Look at What I Found...

In the beginning of the week, on Monday, I had Connor in the high chair feeding him, when he fell asleep (this is a pretty typical experience in our household). I left him in the chair, while I began cleaning up and doing dishes and even started some laundry. I could hear him stirring in the other room, so I headed out to grab him out of the high chair and play with him, when I discovered that he had figured out how to climb out of the high chair and was standing in it, grabbing hold of the back! He was about ready to start climbing down the side!!! I thought to myself, "alright well. We've entered the phase of strapping him into the seat securely." Who knew what the rest of my week was going to be like...

Later, on Thursday, Mr. Howard and I were doing something in the other room while Connor was taking a nap. All of a sudden we heard his mobile making music. Both of us were as confused as could be, as neither one of us had turned it on. Mr. Howard peeked around the corner and discovered he was standing. We grabbed the camera and caught him on tape! He clearly wanted to hear the music play!

Later in the week (I had the week off), to my surprise, after running into the bedroom to grab a bottle, I discovered my big guy standing at his "baby jail."
Then, yesterday, after a VERY ROUGH day, I decided to try putting him in the swing!! I knew how much he loves the swing at daycare, so I thought I'd try anything. I even snapped the photo below at how adorable he was sitting in it (watching the pups). I headed to the bathroom for a moment and heard him fussing. I finished trying to install a light plate and headed out to check on him and to my SURPRISE (and horror) there was Connor, on the ground next to the swing!!!! I still have not figured out how he found a way out of it. The plastic bar is still fastened closed (locked in place) and the little seatbelt that goes between his legs and snaps around his hips is also still locked in place. He would have REALLY had to use some smarts to get out of the two safety locks!

Alright, moms, is this a boy thing or just a "I figured out how to be mobile" thing?!? Courtney, you have two girls and a boy...did your girls do this kinda stuff? My mom said I didn't.


courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think it is just a "I figured out I can do new things and am going to test my limits" kinda thing! I wish I could say it will get easier..but boys are climbers and rough and tumblers!! You dont want to know some of the things Taylor did...but given her special probably wouldnt be a total suprise! He is just getting to the age where you cant do anything for 5 seconds without him being into everything. A lot of things are just novelty and he wont do again. Kids are born fearless, the fear is instilled through their action and our reactions.

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