Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thirty-three Weeks Old

We got this ADORABLE hat from ETSY. Everything there is handmade and we bought him a few adorable crochet hats because we just couldn't help ourselves!

This week he has been standing, running (in his walker), talking, and playing. He can FINALLY sit in his baby jail independently and play with his toys for a bit. He still looks to make sure we're close by, but at least I can go pee without trying to find something for him to do.

His note says: "Look Uncle Colin! I am thirty-three weeks old today. I've been a little Hoodini this week: figuring how out to escape all sorts of baby objects (high chairs, swings, baby jails, and even the beginnings of cribs). Mommy and Daddy have their work cut out for them."


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