Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

So I haven't had an opportunity to blog, yet, about what a wonderful husband I have! Last Friday, Mr. Howard sent me a dozen red roses (pictured below) to work. I think he has done this every year since I've worked at my current school. We came home from work Friday and had a babysitter (thanks Aunt Katie & Uncle Denny) watch Little Man while Mr. Howard took me out to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Right before we arrived at the restaurant, he asked me if I wanted my present. Surprised, I answered "yes." Reaching behind the seat, he said "now it isn't much..." and I instantly shushhed him and told him that I'd love it. Then he handed me that little turquoise (can you even label the bag that color or do we just universally call it the Tiffany's blue) bag that all women swoon over. Inside was a beautiful silver necklace. What a thoughtful husband I have! Then, he lovingly told me to order whatever drink I wanted and that he would drive (I think I've had one "real" drink since Connor was born and certainly not before that for at least a year). I instantly decided on a lemon drop (mmmm). After a DELICIOUS ahi tuna and steak dinner, I ordered a pomegranate martini (ahhhhhh) and was lost in the romance, delicious food, and vodka (hehe) for the rest of the evening. Thank you for making me feel special, baby! I love you!

Before Heading Out to Dinner
He sent these to work:


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