Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our First Fever

Call me overprotective or a Mama Bear or a Worrier, but I had a little panic attack last night. Connor woke up last night (maybe 10:45ish) screaming and wouldn't be settled. Of course, we stripped him and looked for a hair tourniquet. After ruling that out, we thought it was a night terror. But we scoured our books for symptoms and he wasn't exhibiting all the signs. We, then, could NOT find anything wrong. And, that's when I totally began to stress out. I thought perhaps he had dislocated something or was VERY ill. It's just so unlike Connor to cry uncontrollably. Usually, if he's fussy and you hold him, he calms instantly. Mr. Howard called an advice nurse, who basically told us he was fine and that we were just being worried (this slightly irritated me because he's 8 months old...we know when something isn't isn't like we take him to the doctor all the time or call all the time).

He KINDA went back to sleep, but refused a bottle. At about 1 in the morning, he woke screaming again. We searched his body again for rashes, etc. but couldn't find anything. We finally decided to put him in the tub. So I hopped in with him and held him while we bathed him. He refused to smile or even really move around, but he did calm in the tub. He began to fall asleep on me, so we thought he was ready for bed. Again, he began screaming when we transfered him to the bed. We got him to calm down long enough to fall asleep in my arms. It was very fitful sleep, with lots of moaning, and whining. Again, he refused the bottle.

At about 5:00am, he would no longer rest - even fitfully. And it was at this point that I could tell he was on fire. I took his temperature and confirmed what I already knew - he had a fever. Over 101! Again, I called an advice nurse who was so kind. She told me that I had Momma instincts and that I should always listen to them! She told me he definitely needed to come in to see our pediatrician, but that she didn't have access to the appointments. I needed to call back after 6am.

At this point I got myself ready to head into work (to do lesson plans) and called in a sub. When 6am rolled around, I called another nurse (protocol is that you have to book an appointment only AFTER you speak to an advice nurse). I won't tell you the whole story about the nurse, but the synopses was that she wasn't very nice to me and basically told me that he was just teething. But I insisted on an appointment. And she reluctantly gave it to me.

When we got to our appointment, they hooked up the little toe machine (an Oxygen saturation machine) that you can see in the picture above and took his temperature (he had a low grade fever because of the tylenol we had been giving him every four hours). Our pediatrician (whom I love), was so very sweet and confirmed and validated all my concerns, telling me that a fever doesn't necessarily indicate illness. He said he's seen little ones come in with fevers of 105 who are fine and little ones with fevers of 100 that have pneumonia. He also confirmed another fear of mine which was that Connor WAS dehydrated (black and blue around his eyes and a dry mouth). And finally that I was completely right to have brought him in! Thank you Mother Instinct!

Now that I was able to talk to our pediatrician about what, specifically, to do if any of this happens again, I'll be fine. Having never experienced a fever or any of these symptoms just stressed me out (Courtney I don't know how you do it!!) and especially stressed me out when we couldn't find ANYTHING wrong. So, I am now officially one of THOSE moms (the pushy, overly worrier type).

**By The Way - Little Man is 18 lb 9 oz **


courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I do it the same way you did! You learn, you advocate, you kick a little ass and never let anyone tell you you dont know your child. You did an awesome job using your instincts!! Good Job mama!

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