Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Spring Break To Do List

    I am a to-do list person. If it's written down on a list, I feel compelled to do it. This is why I often put goals on my to-do lists because I KNOW I'll feel guilty not being able to check it off. I always put the must's on there and then add a few want's.
    1. Wash Duvet in Master Bedroom
    2. Wash Sheets in Master Bedroom
    3. Try A New Recipe
    4. Buy A New Shelf for Guest Bedroom
    5. Wash Bedding in Guest Bedroom
    6. Finish Monkey Scrapbook
    7. Start Baby Shower Scrapbook
    8. Put Laundry Away in Closet
    9. Buy Little Frames for New Shelf in Guest Bedroom
    10. Mail Grandma Howard an Easter Gift
    11. Take Mother/Son Photos for Blog
    12. Send Leslie Pictures for Blog
    13. Get binders organized for Mr. Howard's New Classes
    14. Clean Guest Bedroom
    15. Buy New Pillow Cases for Guest Bedroom
    16. Take Connor Somewhere Fun
    17. Pick a Background for Connor's Daycare Photos
    18. Learn how to do basic editing on Photo Shop
    19. Learn 1 fun advanced editing feature on Photo Shop
    20. Buy Dividers for Howards' Cookbook
    21. Transfer/Update Calendar from Blackberry
    22. Install New Shelf in Guest Bedroom {Mr. Howard}
    23. Buy Baby Shower gift for Gapasins
    24. Install New Light in Guest Bedroom {Mr. Howard}
    25. Put Pictures in "MomDadYConnor" Frame
    26. Order Connor's Daycare Photos

I have two more days and three things left on the to-do list. We'll see if I can get it all done!

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