Monday, May 31, 2010

Mission Backyard Overhaul

If you've been keeping up with our Never Ending House To-Do's here, you'll know that we have been avoiding doing our backyard. It has been SUCH A HUGE undertaking and with the addition of a baby to our household, the task just seemed overwhelming. Well, with the impending Birthday Celebration coming up, we began the task of jackhammering up the concrete for the new patio.

At the Beginning of the Project: Mr. Howard had chiseled up the other concrete with a SLEDGEHAMMER!!! Now he was set to go!

He finished with the jackhammer in under three hours and then my sister and I cleaned up the old concrete (with Mr. Howard's help with the wheelbarrel)!
I am happy to report that we have finished the concrete jackhammering and can now move on one of the ten million other projects we've got to do back there!


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