Sunday, May 23, 2010

Six Flags

This weekend we decided to take Connor to Six Flags Marine World. We've actually been planning on going for some time now, but the weather hasn't been right... or one of us hasn't been feeling well...or one of us has had something to do. So we packed up the car and made the long car trip (hey! Long is relative with a walking ten month old). Despite Mr. Howard's protests, we even got in a few photos of the three of us!
(Yes...we were suckers and paid $20 for the photo above)
Connor REALLY enjoyed the underwater tanks where he could watch the sharks and the walrus!
I know this photo is blurry, but I just thought it was so cool!
He particularly liked the times when we let him get out and walk on his own!

The highlight for Mr. Howard and I (Connor didn't get it) was that the tiger decided to nap RIGHT by the window!! We got the most perfect view up close and personal!

Connor really liked the elephants and watched them closely for about 10 minutes!

If it had been a bit warmer, we would have let him have fun walking in the sprinklers that come out of the ground! Instead I spent all my time trying to keep him away from them!

Connor enjoyed the Shouka Show, although Mommy and Daddy had difficulty because the couple in front of us was standing through the majority of the performance, despite being asked to sit down.

Connor thought that the whale jumping out of the water and touching the red ball was pretty neat and clapped his hands wildly when everyone cheered (did I mention he's clapping now?? Well, he is!).

Our prime viewing spot before the couple arrived. Daddy was trying to get the perfect photo with the dolphin jumping and in the meantime, Connor got distracted!

Lessons Learned:

(1) Bring a spare bottle in case you and your husband leave, pretty much, the only bottle he'll drink out of.

(2) Watch child super closely when giving him the bottle he hates because he may try to take the nipple out and dump all the formula on top of himself!

(3) Don't try to take him on a ride without shoes (apparently he must be wearing shoes to be on the ride).

(4) Don't try to demonstrate to the ride operator that he can, in fact, walk after he's been in a stroller and car seat for a combined 4 hours because he may just fall straight on his face and have a ginormous meltdown in front of a lot of people.

(5) If you leave *earlier referenced* bottle at home, search the gift shops immediately upon entrance to see if they have a bottle (some do) and locate the bottle before you've been at the park 5 hours.

This one is for Mr. Howard (6) Don't be shocked when your wife, FYI a TEACHER, gets all snippity with the high schoolers who are cussing and the couple who won't sit down. She may ask adults to "please sit on their bottoms," and children to "stop being rude and discontinue the profanity." It's just a fact of life for you (and for her) now.


courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

ok, I'm sorry, as I feel for little man, but I laughed out loud with #4! And I must say you dont have to be a teacher to remind people to use their out in public manners, however a teacher may say it with more grace than just a frustrated disgusted mommy =) love the pics!

Katie Taylor said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hahaha. I looove it! I am so jealous that I was at work while you guys were off having a blast at six flags! We should all go together some weekend! Love you.

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