Sunday, May 30, 2010

We have a READER!

As a teacher, I had a lot of fears before Connor was born. A few of them were: (1) That I'd have a child who hates school, (2) That I'd have a wild child (have any of you met my husband?), (3) That I wouldn't have the time or energy to do the things I KNOW parents should do, and (4) That my child would HATE to read!

In an effort to address My Number 4 Fear, I spent tons of time and money buying books for Little Man and have celebrated each time someone gives him a book as a gift.
I also have done my best to read to him as much as I think about it. When he was REALLY little and was still sleeping with us, I would read to him constantly in bed. But still, I feared he'd hate to read (again...have you met my husband?).
I am, however, happy to report that as of today, he loves reading. I know that someday that may change, but I'm hoping that he'll love it as much as I do (and BOY do I LOVE it!!).
Here are a few photos as proof. He does open the book and look at all the pictures - page by page!
He loves to turn the books over and over in his hands!
But, right now the majority of his reading time is spent chewing on the side of the book -
and I'm okay with that! A book in a child's hand is a book afterall!
I hope that in a few years I can report his love for reading and even more so, perhaps, someday I'll be able to report that even as an adult he enjoys to read!


Katie's Journey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My god daughter's mother is also a teacher and she has quite the collection of books. Luckily she loves reading too! Every time I go and visit her we always have to read a book. Instead of a plethora of toys, little Kate has an insane amount of books! When I have children of my own, I hope that they love reading too!

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