Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Backyard Mostly Complete

For a before video, click here. Well, we have mostly finished. You can view our Never Ending House To-Do List to get an update on what we still have left. WARNING LOTS AND LOTS OF PHOTOS!!!

The Planter Box
Where to start? I guess I'll start at the planter box that used to be outside of our Eat-in Kitchen Area. I have no photos of the planter intact, but here is a photo from when Mr. Howard knocked it out.

Then, Mr. Howard knocked out all the concrete with a jack-hammer.

Then he began laying pavers: Then he began building the deck: And More building:
And more: And More: Until it looked like This:
And This:While we're on the patio, Mr. Howard also installed a new patio fan!! (with the supervision of his dad). A before Photo:
A During PhotoAnd an After Photo:
The New Grass
Next we began work on laying sod in part of the yard!
After we cleared the land, removed the rock and palm tree, and got it ready: Laying the Sod with our SUPER HELPFUL neighbor Filip:

All Done With Sod, but no Wood Chips! All Completed: New Sod, New Wood Chips, New Cedar Board around the tree!
Hauling the Concrete
After removing all the concrete from the old patio, all the rocks from the old spot where we put the grass, and all sorts of other backyard debris, it became necessary to rent a dumpster and head on down to the dump to take it all.

I didn't really get a good before photo. Oops. This was after they had already been working for a while. Thank you Denny, Filip, Paul, & Mr. Howard. What would we have done without you?
Mr. Howard was SERIOUSLY excited about the dump truck...Like a kid in a candy shop!

Next we began getting the ground ready for the playground equipment!

Filip, our FABULOUS neighbor, helped us build it!! It took a while!

We finished it just in time for the weather to get REALLY hot!

So Much better! But we still had one last thing to do! (Look at all those weeds at the top of the wall)!

The Retaining Wall

We still had to paint the retaining wall, get rid of all the weeds at the top of it and plant a whole bunch of new plants.

This is a during photo (for befores, you'll have to look back at the rest). But you can see the wall was still the original color. And All Finished!! New Paint Color! Goodbye Weeds! Hello Peter pan Agapanthus!
Painted Wall. Still need to add capstone!

Other Side of the Yard - Painted Wall, De-weeded, Looking Fabulous! Wow! Just looking at these photos reminds me of HOW MUCH we've done!!! It was a lot of hard work and while I definitely did a lot, Mr. Howard and Filip did the majority of the hard work!!! Aren't we sooo lucky to have neighbors who help us remodel our yard.

Special thanks also need to go out to Denny for helping haul concrete, the plumber who fixed our water pressure (so that we could use our sprinklers), Paul who helped us haul concrete, let us borrow his ladder, wheelbarrow, and I'm sure a million other things, and of course, MR. HOWARD for taking a whole week off of work to dedicate all the time needed to complete it!!


QueenVII said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

that is amazing!!! good for you guys creating your little outdoor oasis! love the patio!

courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

looks awesome!! You guys did such a good job on the design and labor. Glad my hubby was such a help to you guys. The Leave It To Beaver neighborhood still remains! =)

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