Monday, July 19, 2010

Connor's Big Day

Today the big excitement was that Connor went swimming for the very first time! How many people can say they went swimming for the first time in the Tyrrhenian Sea?! He wasn't that thrilled about it in the beginning, but once Mr. Howard sat down with him he seemed to enjoy it a bit better. He even smiled a bit. It was VERY salty and even I make a face when the water gets near my face, so I can't blame him entirely.

In the afternoon while Connor was napping, we went to an Italian pottery shop and bought a few souveniers to add to our world kitchen collection! I could buy Italian pottery every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of it! It's just soo gorgeous. It's hard to buy gifts for people because I'm always tempted to keep them!

Tonight for dinner we decided to try Positano's fish! We headed out, picked out a fish restaurant with a great view, and began ordering. Our appetizer was delicious (shrimp cocktail) and we were excited about our dinner...until it came...It arrived with the head and skin attached! Traditional Positano dinner!!


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