Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today we went on a tour of Pompeii. It took us an hour to get there and then we had a three hour tour. It was so much larger than I thought (it is literally an entire preserved town with chuches, houses, stores, brothels, piazzas, streets, eateries, bakeries, and fast food restaurants) and so much further from Vesuvius than I thought. Because we had a private guide, we were able to go to some of the places off the beaten path, including a few private homes. I also didn't know that 1/3rd of the town isn't even excavated and they don't really have any plans to.

We had planned a longer tour and an additional stop, but Connor couldn't handle the 100+ heat with all the humidity. He was a good boy for the amount of time he was touring and driving (5 hours with no nap)!

Connor has been doing much better since we arrived in Positano because he's been able to get his three hour naps and 12 hours of sleeping...but it is still so hard for him. He wants to walk and run and when we're touring ancient ruins in 100 degree heat, which is simply not possible. In Italy they do not eat dinner until 8 (restaurants don't even open until then), which has been really hard on a boy used to going to bed at 6:30. It's been an adjustment and an experience, but I don't think I would do it again. 

Anyone interested in babysitting next trip?


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