Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Snorkeling off the Coast of Italy!

Today was our best day yet so far! How amazingly lucky we are. We chartered a private boat to pick us up from Positano and take us around the coast to Capri. Along the way the husband & wife team would stop to show us the grottos (white, red, and green), as well as the Tunnel of Love (which you're supposed to kiss under as a promise to return to Italy with the person you kissed). 

Then afterwards we went to Capri (I wasn't thrilled about the actual island). After returning, we went snorkeling under a grotto while Barbara (our fabulous boat host) graciously watched Connor so Mr. Howard and I could snorkel together (where he got stung by ANOTHER jelly fish -what are the chances?! He was the only one again). The boat met us on the other side and we put Connor in the Tyrrhenian Sea with us in an adorable baby raft. He seemed to like it better than Mr. Howard's beach experience yesterday. He still was very unthrilled with the salty water (as we all were). 

Our fabulous host insisted she keep Connor so we could all snorkel together. I felt like we were on our honeymoon (with a bunch of our family), but we held hands and snorkeled off the coast for a while in our own little world. (We tried snorkeling on our actual honeymoon and couldn't because Mr. Howard got seasick on the canoe ride out.)

We continued on to the city Ravello, were we had THE MOST AMAZING meal EVER at Le Sirene Hotel and Restaurant. We didn't order; instead the chef came out and told us what he was going to bring to us. He brought out about 10 different plates of traditional Napolean food. Just a few included sardines, caprese salad, salmon, croquettes, deep fried sardines, al dente pasta with zuchinni, zuchinni flower puffs (which were my favorite things ever), mussels, mozzerella filled eggplant, brushetta, prosciutto and figs, quiche with spinache and artichoke, marinated red and green peppers fresh from their garden, and doughnuts with cheese and ham (isn't that the technical Italian name? Hehe).

We returned on the boat only to dock the boat off the coast again for more snorkeling (this time with Connor sleeping in Barbara's arms). She watched him again while we snorkeled and swam in the nice, cool waters.

What an absolutely amazing day!!! You can see their boat and read about the company at www.barbarapositano.it.


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