Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Feeling Better, Folks

I've been super, super exhausted from all the Itty drama and then I had to move classrooms (my old one was across the school). It was pretty darn insane trying to move and set up a whole classroom while not being allowed to lift anything. But, I have happy news to report.

I am feeling soo much better! I am finally feeling like myself! I know a lot of you have written to us concerned and I so appreciate that. It certainly made getting through it all that much easier. And boy do I have amazing friends, family, and neighbors - Courney who watched Connor while I ran to the emergency room, my mom who drove out several times to take me to the doctor and emergency room, Mr. Howard who worked full days and then came in the evening to help me get my room set up, Diana who came to school on a Sunday to help me move, Dad who came to school on a Sunday to help me move, Katie and Mom who watched Connor while Mr. Howard and I stayed late at work fixing my room, Susan who helped me clean my room and moved boxes across the campus for me, and all of you for your silent prayers and thoughts.

Itty is looking great. His/her heartbeat is just where it should be, moving around like babies do, and beginning to kick (I feel little butterflies and bubbles). I am positive that despite these little bumps, we'll continue to have a smooth pregnancy the rest of the way.

Now that I'm back to my "Waking up Early" Routine, I got to wake our little man up the other day (something I haven't done in a while). Look at how adorable he is (don't know why the photo is weirdly colored):

I tried really hard to enjoy my last few weekdays with him and we played in his room on Monday for a bit before I began the madness that was my week:I know a few of you have been asking for a bump photo, so that will be my next assignment to work on! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!


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