Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh The Dreams....They're Back!

However could I have forgotten?!? Remember this? I have THE MOST CRAZY PREGNANCY DREAMS EVER!! Some of them are so delightful I can't even type them out on this blog for fear of offending some...I'll just say they involve my husband and make me awaken in the most wonderful mood. Others are...shall we just say...WEIRD?!? I'll be at work talking to a student, when a friend will walk in and decide we should go swimming. We'll hop in the pool at my house ( we got to the pool is a mystery to me too), and I'll then remember that I'm supposed to be giving my students a test. Wet hair and all, I'll run (yes...I know I don't live ANYWHERE near school) and there will be my high schoolers (mmmhhhmmm I, apparently teach high school in my spare time, didn't you know) ready for their horseback riding lesson and no test.

So Very Strange! Anyone know why this happens? Anyone else get crazy pregnant dreams?


courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I had a dream when preggo with Megan that I gave birth to triplet 15 weekers, who were totally fine, in their stacking plexiglass incubators in my home. or the time I was driving down a mountain road with the carseat with a baby in it, on the roof of my car, but I suddenly became so concerned about leaving my purse on the roof of the car and was so relieved to see it in the backseat. LOL....

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