Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cole's Name Gallery

This one was sent anonymously to us!
 Marlise: "I was driving home from work the other day and got totally lost (i know, i's a talent).  Anyway, I pulled onto a side street to figure out where I was and when I looked at the street sign, I noticed what it said."
Kirsten: I continue to pray with you guys! From the boy mommy in me. Love you guys!

 From our neighbors (story following) Lights On
 Lights Off

Can I just tell you how wonderfully blessed we feel every time we open our email and see a photo. I know it may not seem big to you, but to us, it's the feeling that someone out there was thinking of our little boy. I think when people lose a baby or a child, they're so afraid that the child will be forgotten. I know I feel that way. It makes me feel that Cole isn't forgotten!!

Story about the pumpkin: Our neighbors tried to grow pumpkins in their yard this year and only one pumpkin arrived this Fall. It was quite tiny (we'll have to post a photo of how tiny it is...I know it's hard to tell from the photo) and never grew to be anything "pumpkin sized." They thought the symbolism was perfect for making a Cole Pumpkin for us to have in front of our house for Halloween.


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