Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I think I handled it well

At the eye doctor, my fabulous doctor asked me why I had the week off. "I'm a teacher," I reponded, praying that she would think I'm year round and not ask any further questions. "Oh. Where do you teach?" she asked. "Rio Linda," I said, thinking, "Please don't ask any more questions...please don't ask...please don't ask...please don't ask." "And the kids have the whole week off?" she smiled, making polite conversation. "No. I just had a baby, so I took a little time off." ..."Please don't ask how much he weighed. Please don't ask how old he is. Please don't ask what his name is. Please don't ask who is babysitting him right now."..."Wow! You just had a baby! You look fabulous!" she responded. "Thank you," I said...Thank you, Lord, for sparing me in having to tell this woman that Cole is dead. Thank you!

Next time I will come up with a lie.


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