Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maternity Leave After Cole Passed Away

You will NOT believe it...unless of course you work for my district and have had the distinct pleasure of finding yourself in a similarly horrific circumstance.

I was gone for three weeks, due to my FMLA leave. They put one long-term sub in my room for the entire time. Because I'm extremely nice (and wanted the mental break from thinking about Cole), I lesson-planned for him the entire time I was gone.

For the record I should state that I do NOT allow my students to talk about subs. I wasn't there. They're the adult. They're the boss. However, when you have paraeducators, other teachers, and support professionals telling you know you're in for the long haul.

I'll spare you alllll the nitty-gritty details and bullet it for you instead.

  • My sub fell asleep in class. Regularly.
  • He did not grade one ounce of paperwork. It was all strewn about in piles on and around my desk.
  • He left my classroom a DISASTER. Now, I know I'm a neat-freak, but this was a disaster to even a messy person.
  • I had him photocopy 30 copies, even though I only have 27 students and he saved the blank three copies for every day that he was here, randomly all over the room. I have found one copy of this worksheet on my desk and two more of the same on the computers, and three of a different worksheet on the counter and two social study quizzes in my desk and one more randomly on the counter. Really? Really?
  • He regularly talked on his phone. In front of the class. In front of the teachers.
  • He asked out one of the paraeducators in my room.
  • He got into a screaming match with one of my students.
  • He was responsible for photocopying the lessons I had already meticulously planned out for him and didn't get it right. Regularly.
  • He had no classroom management.
  • He would put the assignment up on the board and tell the students to get to work.
  • He had no concept of how bad he was. He told another teacher "this school is great! It's going well!"
  • After days and days of being in my classroom he finally asked one of my partner teachers "Who is this Justin guy?" because I had written "see Justin for problems" in my plans. The funny part was that he asked partner who literally had helped him every day he had been there.


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