Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We just couldn't

Neither of us called the funeral home. Neither of us wanted to pick up Cole. Well, that's not true. We both want to pick up Cole, but just not in an urn. I'm praying that we'll have the strength today.

Mr. Howard started work yesterday. That gave him a sense of normalcy in his life (did I tell you he's still been going to class this whole time?), so yesterday was a long day for me between work and then class.

On a different note, I feel compelled to say something. I've had time to watch the news this week (something I haven't done in ages) and I've been so saddened by all the bullying I've seen. I was especially sad to hear about the college student who felt so lost and unprotected that he committed suicide. Mr. Howard and I lost a child because he wasn't healthy, and because Cole was part of a special plan. These families are losing children for very different, cruel reasons. And while I'm sure goodness is going to come out of their tragedy, I am disgusted with the behavior. As a teacher and parent, it is my personal responsibility to do something about this. As a human, it is yours. Please, do what you can to make sure that no parent has to go through what I'm going through (and probably much worse). Additionally, if you live in my area and have a personal story you'd like to share with my 7th graders about bullying, please let me know.


Kirsten said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The Young Peacemakers is an excellent book! I am sure there would be a way to modify it for general use (it is Christian). Also, the latest movie- To Save A Life- was great.
Shameful that noone stepped up!

courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Part of me wants to offer to do that for you, to spare you the hurt of doing it, but the biggest part of me knows this is a step you need to take and you will find the strength to do it, if you havent already called. If you need someone to watch Connor, or get him to/from daycare on the day you need to do this, the day you need to pick up Cole...I am steps and a phone call away. Your family and friends love you all so much and we are all holding your hands.

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