Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mr. Howard's Car Accident

The Howards have had our fair share (plus some) of car accidents. Those of you who know us, know that we have had horrible luck when it comes to car accidents. I included the photo below of my head on collision with a suspected drunk driver who hit me and RAN AWAY (ditched their car and RAN...like on foot)! So it shouldn't be terribly shocking that Mr. Howard was in a car accident recently.

A few weeks ago he was driving from one store to another while working and was actually the third car in an accident. A woman hit a man and pushed his car into Mr. Howard's minicooper. The woman was a bit crazy. She was yelling at everyone: telling Mr. Howard and the other guy that they knew each other and they were trying to pull one over on her. She admitted to causing one accident, but she swore that the other guy randomly ran into Mr. Howard. They even had to call a police officer to respond because they were worried she would deny it. When the police officer arrived, she yelled at him and told him that Mr. Howard and the other man were in cahoots.

It has been such a pain because the insurance company took a long time to find the woman at fault (obviously they had to investigate since their client was denying fault)! Then, on Monday, Mr. Howard dropped his car off at 8am at the dealership to have a claims agent take photos, etc. When Mr. Howard was getting off work at 2pm, he called, only to hear that they STILL hadn't even shown up. They didn't show up until 4:30pm. So...why did he drop it off at 8am?

It still isn't fixed. Now the claims agent and the dealership have to agree on a bid, then order the parts, THEN have him bring his car back in, give him a rental car, and send him on his way. Ick! WHAT A PAIN!! This has been a three week process! (Good thing it isn't serious damage...what would we have done for three weeks?)

The aftermath of the Hit & Run, Head-on Collision


Courtney H in N. CA said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That is scary scary scary your car Mrs. Howard.

I am laughing about the crazy lady! LOL...I can imagine it wasnt funny at the time, and Mr. Howard may not even find it funny now, but he will someday =)

Hope it gets taken care of swiftly

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