Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sixteen Months Old


  • My mom asked him for a kiss and he made the kiss noise and leaned forward towards her. He then went around and "gave us all kisses!"
  • I asked Connor to "touch Mama's nose" and he did!!
New Words:
  • Nose
  • Rain
  • Kitty
  • He repeats EVERYTHING you say. But in terms of the words he uses on his own, without any prompting, he added three new words this month.
New Signs Introduced
  • We're still working on "Please"
New Teeth:
  • Molar on his upper right
Funny Stories
  • He loves shoes. He'll put on anybody's shoes he can find, including Mommy's high heels. He also loves purses. In Europe we'd give him a purse because he loves pulling everything out of it. He loves putting objects in the purse and then dumping it over and throwing the contents of everything on the ground. The funny thing is when he combines his love of putting on Mommy's heels and wearing Mommy's purse. =)
  • He was afraid of the pumpkin. Literally afraid. He was shaking when we started carving it. Who's afraid of a pumpkin?
"My Little Brother is In Heaven"
 Ridign the Tractor
 New Skill: Jumping From Couch to Couch
 Standing next to the Tree (from the Handl's) we Planted in honor of Cole Jayden


courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Punpkins are scary mama!!!! LOL. I loved that he tried putting on everyone's shoes, except his own! He takes his own shoe off, to put someone else's on. He is hilarious! I miss him this morning!

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