Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Very Thankful

I was talking to my sister yesterday who wondered how I felt about everyone writing notes of condolences about Cole on my blog and facebook and wondered if it made me sad every time I went on. And I realized that I have never blogged about how unbelievably thankful I am. I can see how it might make someone sad or remind them of the loss, but the benefits for me FAR OUTWEIGH the negatives. I can genuinely say that there wasn't a single facebook message, email, or blog message that I didn't genuinely smile about. I was soooooo overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and prayers for us and continue to be in awe. Every single time I got a notification on my phone that someone had posted on my wall or sent me a message, I read every word, lingering on the overarching message: that we were being thought of, prayed for, and most of all, loved!!!! What a wonderful world we live in!

I am soooooo thankful for every single teeny tiny message, email, text, and phone call we got. There truly are no words.


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