Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Sleepover!

Connor technically has had one other sleepover at my Mom's, but it was on accident. He was staying at her house while Mr. Howard and I moved my classroom. At 6:30, she put him down with the intention of us picking him up when we were done. Unfortunately, we didn't finish moving until about 10pm. Connor was supposed to go back to my Mom's the next day anyway, so instead of waking him up only to take him home, put him in bed, wake him up in the morning, and bring him back to my mom's in the morning...we just left him there.

His first OFFICIAL planned sleepover occured last Saturday at my sister's house. Connor had such a great time and, according to my sister, did really well! I'm so glad it went well and perhaps will lead the way to future sleepovers when we have more children. =) Or perhaps it will allow us the occasional night getaway.

THANK YOU KATIE!!! We love you!!


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