Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Life

I have been very stressed and then...add to that...a case of tummy troubles and you've got a bad combination. I spent the majority of the weekend doing my best to get out of the house and function as a contributing parent, but secretly praying for a very, very long nap from Connor so that I could crawl in bed and relax. I drank gingerale and slept and felt a million times better by Monday. **KNOCK ON WOOD** but I haven't been sick all year with my normal cold (as a teacher, I'm generally sick at least once in the fall or winter), so perhaps that was my sickness for the season. Wishful thinking? Maybe!

So, I may be a little absent over the next few days/weeks. We're hosting my work party, attending a few holiday parties, trying to do our normal Christmas shopping, cleaning our house because we're hosting my work party, writing and addressing Christmas cards, decorating our house...because, have I mentioned, we're hosting my work party?

Mr. Howard has been working A LOT (like 3am until 4pm everyday...and even worked 6 days last week) AND going to school full-time. So when we're not working on his school work, or cleaning the house, or decorating, or working, or fixing meals, or packing diaper bags, or answering work emails, or loving on our little guy...we're attempting to sleep....In fact, Mr. Howard is at school right now and I'm trying to figure out if I have time to go hop in bed and take a nap, so that I can be up when he gets home from school at 10pm and act like I've been busy busy doing all sorts of helpful things around the house! What do you think? Hehe!


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