Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas Day

I still wasn't feeling my whole normal self, but I definitely felt better. There are actually a few pictures of me this time. =)

As I was uploading these photos (half of them are mine and half of them are my mother-in-laws), I realized that there was this HORRIBLE glare in all my photos. I was sitting here angry, angry, angry and not being productive, when my brilliant husband suggested he clean the lens and voila problem solved (where was he Christmas day to solve the problem? Grrrr). Nothing like "Not wanting to buy your wife a new camera" to motivate you to fix the one she has.

Mama and Connor and the glare!
 Daddy and Connor
 Daddy showing Connor Santa's plate - He ate all the cookies and the reindeer ate most of the carrots!
 A new scooter from Grandma and Grandpa Howard
 A New Rocking Chair from Grandma and Grandpa Howard
 Santa Came!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 And Connor was thrilled to open presents (he paid no attention to whom the presents were addressed and instead opened every one he saw).
 Nana and Connor playing with one of his favorite gifts from Nana and Grandpa Kirkpatrick
 My brother and Sister
 Oh wow! This is fun!
Our family and the HORRIBLE glare. At this point in the evening, I was NOT feeling well again. Ick!
 Grandpa Howard and Connor (my dad is in the background)
 A beautiful gift that Kathe had made in Alabama from all the parents (Kathe, Tim, my mom, and my dad) - I'll post a photo of it later. I started crying when I opened it.
 Santa got Connor a MINI-COOPER!!!!!
 And while he was a little afraid of it, I think in time it will be his favorite gift ever!!
 Here is the gift that all the parents bought me. Kathe took Cole's announcement to a jeweler (who apparently, cried when he saw it) and asked them to make me a beautiful necklace replica of his footprint. They made a wax cast of the foot and from there made this GORGEOUS necklace. I haven't worn it yet, but I am positive that once I put it on, it will be impossible to take off. It is absolutely breathtaking!!!
 My mom and dad got us a glider for Connor's nursery and our future babies. I always wanted one when Connor was little, but we couldn't afford it and had already been given so much.
There are soo many other presents I could post about and we all were incredibly, incredibly spoiled this year. Aside from me being sick, it was one of the best Christmas's we've had so far. It was so fun to see our Little Man enjoy the magic of the holiday! I can't wait until next year.


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