Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Weather

We have had horrible stormy weather around here...horrible! In fact, our power went out yesterday at 3pm and didn't come back on until 6am this morning. Thankfully my parents let us come over and eat dinner at their house so that we had some light and heat. =) I think everything in our refrigerator made it through the 15 hour power outage. We had some DELICIOUS chocolate covered apples and strawberries and they didn't melt, so I'm taking that to mean everything is going to survive. I know this photo isn't the best, but it was what I could get with my iphone. We had to put candles all over the house - it made for a very romantic evening with a one year old who didn't understand why it was sooo dark. ;-) Hehe! Can't you just picture his little thought bubble, "Why don't they turn on the lights?"


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