Monday, December 6, 2010

Seventeen Months Old


  • We went to Apple Hill for the first time since Connor was born!
  • Even though it wasn't Connor's first Thanksgiving, it was his first time being able to eat Thanksgiving Dinner. Yum! He also got to eat with Daddy in Daddy's first Thanksgiving day off in years!  
New Words:

  • "What's That?" (comes out more like Wts Ttt)
  • "That" (he says it as he points to things in the room) 
  • "Please" (and he has signed it ONCE)
  • "Thank you" (any time I take something he shouldn't have, I always say "Thank you" as I pull stuff out of his when he takes something from me, he says "Thank you."
  • He repeats EVERYTHING you say. But in terms of the words he uses on his own, without any prompting, he added four new words this month.

New Signs Introduced

  •  We're still working on "Please"

New Teeth:

  •  His top left molar (three molars more to go)
Funny Stories

  •  He kisses us now!! It's less funny and more ADORABLE. If you say "Kiss?" He'll make the kiss sound and stick his chin out. Ahhh melt my heart!
Daddy and Connor Thanksgiving Eve

 Daddy and Connor Picking Out a Tree:
 Daddy and Connor in his Rain Coat:
 Doggy Hugs:


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