Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is why I don't cook with oil!

I know it doesn't look that bad, but-let-me-tell-you! It HURT! It instantly turned my hand white and burned so badly. Of course, it also splattered on my face (thankfully no scares or anything) and Connor. Thankfully it only hit his clothes, so he didn't know anything had happened until I screamed and handed him over to Mr. Howard!

Twenty-nine Weeks Old

What an adorable little monkey. He's living up pretty well to the standards set forth by his shirt, too! You can't set him down without keeping your eyes GLUED to him! You can't put socks on him without keeping your eyes glued to where he throws them off! You can't put him near an object without having him try to throw himself out of your arms to get to it. Today when I dropped him off at Nana and Grandpa's, he could hear Grandpa in the garage and he wiggled his whole body away from mine to lean his head forward in order to attempt to see where Grandpa had gone.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I told you I wasn't lying

Well folks, we officially have a small, calcified, whitish structure, aka a tooth, in Connor's mouth! Little Man opened his mouth wide for Mr. Howard and I yesterday and to our surprise and complete excitement, there it was: the tooth that has been making us look badly for months! I know it's hard to see it in the picture, but take our word for it! It's there!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Invitation

Connor was invited to his very first birthday party (by his friend, not ours) for his buddy Joshua, this weekend and he had a blast!!

Birthday Boy Before Cake

Birthday Boy After Cake Connor Partying Away
Connor watching presents being opened!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crawling Proof!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Twenty-eight Weeks Old

This week he started crawling and enjoying food (well, he might have started enjoying food last week). He's now to the point where he can eat an entire package of baby food and keeps opening his mouth for more. We're thinking we'll start sending baby food to daycare so he can have a third meal (we're giving him breakfast and dinner). The teddy photos are also getting increasingly difficult because he doesn't want to sit still - he wants to be crawling or at least on his knees. He's become a pretty good sleeper. He usually wakes up once now (somewhere between 12:30 and 3:30am).

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have a little army crawler!

Houston, we have a crawler!!!!!!!

Mr. Howard unexpectedly went into work today and is kicking himself in the foot because he missed a very huge milestone of Connor's today. He started crawling at about 9am this morning!!

I screamed so loud, I scared him and he wouldn't repeat the performance for a few minutes (he just kept looking at me like, "What on earth did you scream for, Mama?").

Off to baby proof the house...

Scootin' Around

I am sorry I am yelling in this. With the music on it was hard for Little Man to hear me! Of course the camera is right by my face so it sounds like I'm yelling. Y

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Family Love

Uncle Colin came in town to get some things done and Connor had a wonderful time hanging out with him. I think I'm going to call him the Baby Whisperer from now on, as he seems to be the only one who can get Connor to lay calmly. It was actually hillarious. He just hung out, on his back, next to Uncle Colin for about 30 minutes without making a single peep....unheard of! He also LOVES watching him play the guitar! We might have another musical Little Man in the family!
Aunt Katie also got to spend some time with him and we all had fun just watching how much he's grown. She was amazed that he hung onto his Lion (grandma & grandpa got it for him for Christmas) and was perfectly content being pushed around by her.

Other Mamas and Dads, I'm sure, can relate to this. But there is NOTHING more amazing than watching someone love your child. Really. I absolutely cannot imagine my life without friends and family in my life. Mr. Howard and I couldn't raise him by ourselves. There are days when we are exhausted or VERY SICK (like I have been the last few days) and they are there to help love him when we're feeling less than able. It takes a village and boy do we have one!

We are so lucky to have friends and family who travel up to see us and spend time with us. We are equally lucky to have people loving us (and Connor) from afar!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Twenty-seven Weeks Old

Oops I'm behind the curve this week! After his doctor appointment (where we learned his weight), we checked the car seat and thankfully we have until he is 32 pounds before we have to transfer him. What a big boy he is!!

So much has happened this week in his world, but because I have been sicker than sick, I'm going to keep it short. He has learned how to FIGHT sleep. He cries and cries when you put him down. He fights and fights when you rock him to sleep. He pushes the bottle out, rolls over, and smiles at you...all in his attempt to trick you into saying, "Alright...just this once..." But, boy, do we love him!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Hip Mommy Car

Those of you who know me well, know a few things.

(1) I married a man verging on OBSESSED with cars. You actually don't even have to know me very well to know this fact. =D

(2) I happen to not care very much about said cars. In fact, Mr. Howard picked out my last car for me and drove it over to me after work. I had never seen the inside, the color...we really hadn't even discussed that we were 100% sure we were going to get an Edge.

(3) Lots of people SAY they don't care about cars. I, in fact, care so little that when we found this one, Mr. Howard said, "Do you want me to send you a picture so you can see if you like it?" My response? "Nope. How much is it again? Great!"

(4) This, I hope, is my one flaw in my husband's eyes. **Wink, Wink**It drives him nuts that I don't get excited about cars. It drives him nuts that I don't care what they look like. It drives him nuts that he can't talk for hours on end about what he's been looking at. Really, I'm no fun to have conversations about this with because I can't even tell you what my friends drive...seriously...not even the make. I think Diana drives a Honda. I think. I could be wrong. I think Susan drives a Chevy...maybe. I know for sure that Diana has a cute sticker on hers and Susan's fits 7...or is it 8? See what I mean.

Well to get to the point...for some time now we have moving in the direction of a 7 passenger car (with Connor's carseat, we need a bit more room - especially if we are thinking about expanding our brood). So, after months of researching and looking around, we (and when I say we, I husband) have settled on and purchased this 2005 Land Rover LR3! I drove it to work today and am loving the navigation!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6 Month Check-up

Important Statistics:

Head - 17.76" (83%)!!!!!!!!!!
Weight - 16 lbs 14 oz (36%)
Height - 26.5" (50%)
Vaccines - FIVE (DTAP, Hep B, Rotavirus, Flu Shot, H1N1)
Everything else was great! He looks super healthy. I asked about his eye color (I had heard at 6 month they'll stick). But the doctor told us it's 8 months.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Most Wonderful Present of Them All

Connor slept the entire night through last Thursday the 7th (a FIRST) and...are you ready to be amazed...he did it in his crib!!! We were so incredibly thankful and kept saying all day Friday, "So THIS is what it's like to get a full night's sleep!!" Of course, because he is so wonderful, he made it a repeat performance on Saturday night!!! A few months ago we kept joking that by the time we got this one all settled on a sleep routine outside of our bed, we'd have another. But now, the joke isn't seeming soooo funny. I forgot how wonderful sleep is!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Teeth and Eyes

I know I've been saying this for about 3 months now and I'm starting to look like a liar, but we MUST be getting teeth soon. Look at his shirt in these pictures!! I think he's producing about a gallon of saliva per minute. He constantly has his hand in his mouth and if you touch his gums he gets angry at you.

We also think that his eyes are taking a turn towards the green category (like Mommy's). When he was born we did THIS eye color predictor and found out he has a 20% chance of having blue, 30% chance of green, & 50% chance of brown.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Twenty-six Weeks Old

Yesterday was Connor's Half Birthday!!! Ridiculous! He is getting so big that we have already begun planning a new carseat for him (we're going to wait until his doctor's appointment next week to get his weight) and then we'll have to check the requirements. His feet are hanging off, even though we've raised the straps again!!

We have officially moved the swing out of the family room, as he no longer fits on it. My mom has one that is much bigger and daycare has one that converts - so theirs should last for a while longer! What a big boy we have!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lazy Days of Winter Break

Unfortunately, I'm back to full-time work like the rest of the world. I had a great time being a stay-at-home mommy (with the wonderful help of everyone who loved my baby while I took naps, scrapbooked, and hung out a bit this holiday season too). I'll especially miss Debbie who was a true expert in getting Connor to go down at night! Y

This picture is how I'll remember my brief break!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Connor Giggling

Saturday, January 2, 2010

SUCH a fun age!!

Connor is FINALLY at this wonderful age of interaction. He wants to play with you, giggle with you, touch the dogs, make them come to him, grab at toys, roll around, and explore. It is SOO much fun to toss a blanket on the floor and join him!!

Our Little Duckie!!
Hi Daddy! Don't mind us, we're just havin fun on the floor!


I updated THIS post with pictures my sister took!

Almost Crawling

I had mentioned before in a previous post that I had a video of Connor, who is so close to crawling. I should confess before you press play, however, that he is in a disposable. In order to aid us in our "Mission SIC (Sleep in Crib)," we have been putting him in a disposable to sleep. I felt guilty about this at first, but I just keep telling myself how much better of a Mommy I'll be once I start getting a full night's sleep!

The Fabulous Santa Plate

Remember the Santa Plate I referenced in THIS post? Well, here it is! Look at his little feet!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby Signs

Have I expounded the virtues of baby signs yet? I can't remember if I've even mentioned that we were going to do baby signs with Connor? Well, after reading a bit about it and having a friend who is doing it with her baby girl, Sophia, I decided before Little Man was born that I was going to try it.

It's simple, really. We just sign to him whatever it is that we give him. We've started small - with just milk, eat, more, and cereal. At first, with the sign for milk, we noticed he began recognizing it. He'd be fussy, we would sign "milk" to him, and he'd smile and open his mouth. After a while, I began to notice him closing his fist randomly. Still I wasn't convinced he was associating the closing of his fist with his desire for milk. But, then last week he signed milk clear as day to us. I think our family members were a little skeptical ("yeah...sure Mrs. Howard...sure he signed milk...did he also make you guys dinner?"), but we had them convinced when Connor signed milk right in front of his Aunt Katie. Sure enough, I gave him a bottle and he greedily grabbed for it!

We are believers!

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