Friday, January 21, 2011

13 Weeks

Don't mind the wet hair in this photo.
Yay! I'm in my second trimester!

I am still so tired; will this end or is this a twin thing? The dreams are JUST CRAZY!!! I have to consciously be careful what I watch on TV or in movies, because I hyperfocus on things and dream about them. The night I watched Inception, I maybe got an hour of sleep because I obsessed over the concept.

My Size
I'm almost as big as I was when I had Cole, which seems about right because that would make me 1.5 times bigger. Thank goodness I'm not twice as big. Ha! I told my students that I'm pregnant (didn't tell them it was twins) on Wednesday, which is wayyy earlier than I would have liked to. But I was getting sick of wearing bulky sweaters and jackets.

Babies Size
The babies are roughly 3 inches each...that's 6 inches of babies!

Morning Sickness
Still going strong! Ick!

Random Twin Fact
Did you know that a twin pregnancy is considered full-term at 37 weeks?


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you look beautiful my friend!

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