Monday, February 21, 2011

Know When to Pick Your Battles

As a mom, I am constantly learning. I learn how to love through anger. I learn how to pull patience from the depths of my soul. I learn how to laugh and let go. But the biggest lesson of all has been to pick and choose my battles.

Before becoming a mommy, I had a list of things I would NEVER let my child do. I had a list of things that I would never do as a mom. And then there came a day when after saying no 2,000 times to battles that weren't worth fighting, it hit me. This is why you don't judge a woman in a grocery store with an unruly child. This is why you don't quietly say to your husband or friend, "see that child standing in his highchair...I would never let MY child do that!" As you can see from the photo above, I have clearly prioritized my battles.  I am more concerned about having a loving son who doesn't beat the dogs at every chance he gets. I am more concerned that he not climb on the kitchen counter and take out the knives (oh yes...he has done this). I am more concerned that he smiles and learns how to say please and thank you. I am more concerned that he overcome this recent "hitting" phase. I am more concerned that he is kind and gentle with his friends at daycare. I am most concerned that my son hear words out of my mouth other than the word "No" all the time. AND A WHOLE LOT LESS concerned about whether or not he eats his toast standing up.

Shame on me, right? Bad Mommy, right?   

Another battle I seem to be losing dramatically? "The keep your clothes on" battle! How on earth we raised a naked baby, I'll never know. The second you put pants on him, he pulls them off (I don't even really bother at home anymore). But the newest craze has been getting completely naked. Moments after I snapped this photo, the diaper came off. And then he peed on the floor. Yep! Those are the battles I choose to fight these days. Stand in the highchair all you want, but do NOT pee on my floors!!!!


corderoclan said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I understand your pain. I NEVER thought I would have a son who threw a tantrum or screamed if he didn't get his way. Well, I do. And at first I would freak out and try to manage his fits. Now I just let him scream and keep my quiet voice. Oh well if the lady in front of me in the store thinks I'm a bad mom. Eventually he'll give it up and move on to his next total breakdown! Ahh...the life of going-on-two year olds! : )

courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I giggle with you! I usually ask my self if this is a hill I want to die on, generally it isn't. The hubs is still learning this.

Taylor...she LOVED to be naked. We used to have to put her diapers on backwards, tape all around her waist over the diaper, put her in onsies (which are fun to find for 3-4 yr olds) and then in overalls everyday, otherwise...well, just use your imagination in what she would do! The good thing doesnt last forever. Hey! Maybe he wants to pee in the potty! ;) Megan self trained at 2, but was ready before then. Give it a shot!

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Courtney, it has occured to me several times that he might be ready for potty training (especially after the poop incident). He might, however, not be peeing for me anytime soon as I did the exact opposite of what you should do when your child pees on the floor. Instead of scooping him up and taking him to the bathroom and reinforcing the whole pee in the potty thing, I screamed. I know! Really bad mommy! He looked at me in horror. I looked at the floor in horror. It wasn't a good moment. Now, I think he may be traumatized to pee.

Kelli Kegley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Too cute! I know as soon as my Connie figures out how to take his clothes off he will be naked all the time! He is constantly tugging at his clothes :)

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