Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Level 2 Ultrasound

On Thursday my friend Diana watched Connor so that I could head over to the ultrasound. Mr. Howard met me there, as he had to work. From the beginning, the tech was wonderful. She introduced herself and asked how we were doing. When I told her I was petrified, she told me how everything would go. She asked about Cole very sweetly and explained that she would take a lot of photos and then would go get the perinatologist. The perinatologist would come in and go over everything with us, slide by slide. She also explained that she'd have the geneticist come in and meet us (Karen is the VERY SWEET woman we've been working with since Cole's fact, she was the one who called us that very first day to tell us that Cole was in renal failure).

The Ultrasound
The ultrasound took FOREVER. It was a full hour and 45 minutes. The tech told me everything she was taking a picture of. Of course, she couldn't tell me if it was "normal" or if it looked "good," but she at least could say, "This is Baby A's right kidney....this is Baby B's femur..." It was VERY different than Cole's ultrasound. We knew instantly that something was wrong. They hardly took any photos. I think as soon as they saw how little fluid I had in me, they instantly went to the kidneys. And once they saw that the kidneys had cysts, they stopped.

The Results
After the tech took a million photos and videos, the perinatologist came in and reviewed everything with us, picture by picture. She'd say things like, "Here's the heart. There are four chambers. The blood is pumping beautifully. This photo shows me there aren't any holes. This one shows me that the blood is pumping the correct way..." Even with Connor, we never had that.

The Kidneys and Mystery Spot
The babies' kidneys looked "great." There were no cysts, and there was "tons" of amniotic fluid. We were incredibly reassured. The geneticist was very kind and helpful as well. There was only one tiny thing on the ultrasound that caused pause. There was a dark spot on Baby A's intestine/kidney/bowel area. Some photos made it look like it was in the intestines. Some made it look like it was the bowels. They weren't concerned enough to try to take another look. But the perinatologist thought it best if I come back in 5 weeks just to make sure it's nothing. She said it could have been amniotic fluid or it could even be something on the outside of the baby that is blocking the photo. But, just for peace of mind, they want me to come back when both babies are a bit bigger.

Of course, we also learned the genders. She first went to Baby A. Almost within in minutes, she told us that Baby A was a boy. She showed us several different angles of his penis. =) She even pointed out how he was holding his member (such a boy!). When it came time to look at Baby B, she almost immediately told us that she "thought" it was a girl. She explained that it was a little harder for girls, because (a) they're looking for the absence of a penis and (b) there are 3 lines where a penis would be. As soon as she found the 3 lines, she told us that it WAS indeed a girl. I am so very excited! I honestly did not think I would have a girl. I thought for sure I was destined to only have boys (which would have been fabulous too, of course...but lucky for Mr. Howard, now I can have peace of mind about having any more babies).

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