Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Poor First Baby

Our first baby, Harley, is sick. Very sick!

The backstory: Harley hasn't been eating or feeling normal (later we learned he probably hadn't eaten in over a week...before you think we're horrible parents...we open feed our dogs and the food was getting eaten. We just didn't know it was getting eaten by Jake and not Harley). He hasn't wanted to hop up on our bed and has been shaking in the night. Last night he even pooped in our room on the floor (sooo unusual).

$500 later (and we have insurance!), we learned that his adrenal gland isn't producing enough cortisol or aldosterone.

It's called Addison's Disease, which is a hereditary disease brought out by stress (he had a teeth cleaning last week and never really recovered). He was in the hospital all day today being pumped full of steroids, fluids, nutrients, and was poked and prodded in all sorts of tests.

The bad news: he will have to take medicine and steroid injections for the rest of his life. It is not curable.

The good news: happily, it is something that can be treated and he can live with it! It shouldn't be fatal at all. =)


courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

oh no!! my poor boy!! Do you have to the injections? we had a lab with diabetes who needed insulin. It is no fun. Glad he will recover.

Amy Walton said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Poor buddy!
I just found out a couple weeks ago my kitty, Fiona has some life long disease too! :( It is like lip ulcer herpes, but has a long fancy name I forget. I have to feed her medicine every night...forever. Luckily, we have gotten a system down and she likes the taste.
Poor things :(

Side Note: Every time I go to the vet they say HOW BADLY I need to get our kitties' teeth cleaned. But this makes me want to even less than I did when I heard how much $$ it was!
I feel like it'd be more trauma that it's worth; though I know how bad gingivitis is for them...

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