Thursday, March 17, 2011

21 Weeks

Holy Moly! My hips!! For a while my back was killing me at the end of the day. That has decreased a bit since I started sleeping with a pillow in between my legs. It must take the pressure off my back enough to let me relax at night before I start the day over again. But now my hips are KILLING me. It makes it very difficult to roll over at night and to sleep (since I'm supposed to be sleeping on my sides). Connor wasn't feeling great the last few nights and woke up close to 8-9 times. I was suddenly reminded of what having a newborn will be like (with the slight difference that of course, when I have a newborn I won't have to get up, shower, blow-dry my hair, dress up, and function all day...hehe).

My Size
Last Thursday my fundal height was close to 30cm (for moms of singletons...that equates to 30 weeks pregnant).

The Babies' Size/Growth
Their babies' arms and legs are becoming more proportionate to their body, and their skin is getting less and less transparent.

I am feeling movement so much more. I still rarely feel Baby Girl. But last night for the first time, when I was laying on my right side, I felt her. It felt as if she was cradled in the side of my belly that was on the bed. I have a big ultrasound on the 31st to check the dark spot they found at my Level 2 Ultrasound last month and I'm going to ask them to look at my placenta to see if that's why I can't feel her.

Random Twin Fact
"Studies have shown that mothers who gain about 24 pounds by week 24 have reduced their chances of giving birth either prematurely or to low birth-weight babies." With my 11 pound weight gain by 20 weeks, I doubt I will gain 13 pounds in 2 more weeks. Let's kinda hope not... for my thighs' sake! For twins, a person is supposed to gain between 31-54 pounds (31 is on the low side of a pre-pregnancy overweight mother and 54 is on the high side of a pre-pregnancy healthy-normal weight mother).

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