Thursday, March 24, 2011

22 Weeks

It is still spotty. Some days are worse than others. I've also been getting leg cramps at night, so on nights when I can finally sleep, I'll get woken up by a cramp. Ha!

My Size
I have felt better lately. When I was pregnant with Connor (in the last few months) I felt HUGE, but proportionate to the stage and size of the babies. In this pregnancy, I've just felt huge. But I'm starting to feel it catching up to me. I guess I'm just a little more in my own skin. I love it when people tell me I'm not's like, you have either COMPLETELY forgotten what I looked like before...or you're telling me I'm about to get a WHOLE LOT bigger...neither of which are exactly reasurring. Hehe! Can I just tell you, though, that I have embraced this with my whole heart. With Connor I was self conscious and embarassed a bit about my growing size - especially as my face started to catch up with the rest of me. But in this pregnancy, I am embracing it. This is more than likely the last time I will ever be pregnant and I am determined to find beauty in the new stretch marks, uncomfortable sleeping, and rib jabs. How lucky am I to be able to carry a baby? Thank you Cole for teaching me to be thankful for what I have and to appreciate EVERYTHING.

The Babies' Size/Growth
They are beginning to look more like newborns but only weigh about 1 pound each. They are about 11 inches each. Pretty soon here their growth will not keep up with that of a singleton baby, but for a few more weeks they're still on track.

Next week is our scheduled ultrasound to follow up on Aiden's dark spot (remember the dark spot they found on the ultrasound at 18 weeks? They want to make sure it isn't anything of concern).

Random Twin Fact
"82% of multiples are delivered via c-section, while 5% are delivered vaginally. The rest are delivered both by c-section and vaginally." I am not a fan of this fact. Of course, I will absolutely do what is best for the babies' health, but after having two babies vaginally, I would really like to have these without a c-section. I know everyone has their own opinions and good experiences, but for me, I'd prefer not to have to heal from a surgery. And the thought of having to do both?!? ICK!!


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