Thursday, March 31, 2011

23 Weeks

It's hit or miss. I'm still not a fan of sleeping on my side, but it's going by so quickly.

My Size/Development
I was just referred to the High Risk program offered by my hospital automatically because next week I will be 24 weeks pregnant. From here on out, I will receive weekly appointments on the phone with a nurse and extra stress tests with my normal OB office. I'm so glad they take this precaution in terms of the risk of preterm labor (see the random twin fact at the end).

The Babies' Size/Growth
The babies' pancreases are becoming functional and insulin production has already begun.

Today I get to see my babies. We have the ultrasound to check on Aiden's dark spot. Please pray that everything is okay. Next Tuesday I have my first appointment with my regular OB (she went on maternity leave a few days after Cole was born) and I am excited to see her finally. I need to find out what her position is on inducing (my other doctor's policy was that he would order an induction after 37 weeks because of the risk of the something happening to the placenta...that and the fact that you're GINORMOUS).

Next week will be a huge milestone. The babies will have reached viability!!!!

Random Twin Fact
At least half of twins are born before 37 weeks and with low birth weights, making them at high risk of serious health problems and death.


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