Sunday, March 20, 2011

Be Careful What You Say

Connor's Crib Tent
Yesterday I was JUST posting that we were thankful for the crib and were going to keep Connor in there once the twins arrive and...what do you know? By naptime he was proving me to be a liar.

I was sitting on the couch, enjoying a quiet moment when all of a sudden, out walks Connor. I had a moment where I thought, "Oh, hello..." followed by a "WHAT? WAIT???? HOW DID YOU GET OUT????" Oh yes, Connor crawled out of his crib, opened his door, and just walked out as if nothing had happened. I thought it might have been a fluke so I tried putting him back. We spent an hour doing a test of wills...who would win? The mama desperately needing her big boy to take a nap? Or the toddler wanting his freedom. And so it went...I'd pick him up, put him back in his crib, and close the door. He'd hop out of the crib and walk out of the room. I then spent the next hour desperately researching contraptions designed to keep Connor in his crib. Walmart, online, said they had some in stock at a store 45 minutes away and so I hopped in the car, desperate for Connor to take a nap. At that point panic started to sink in too. What would happen if I couldn't find it? What if he woke up in the middle of the night and got our knives out? What if he walked out the front door?

Walmart, sadly, did not have what I needed. I walked around for over 30 minutes desperately searching the aisles for the contraption I knew I could not leave without...all with a VERY grumpy and IN DIRE NEED of a nap baby. The lady at Walmart was the most unhelpful human I've encountered (but isn't that how it always is? When you need something and your life depends on one can help you). She basically told me that she had never heard of it and went back to stocking the shelf. When I pulled out my iPhone and SHOWED her the walmart website and the screen saying that it was in stock, she walked over and searched the aisle, "Yeah. I don't see it," she said coolly. "DON'T YOU HAVE A COMPUTER YOU CAN LOOK IT UP IN?" I said...extreme desperation seeping from my tone! "Nope, sorry...." and back she went to stocking the shelf.

By the time I got to my mom's house and started calling stores, I was in full-blown disaster mode. Now I was thinking I was never going to take a nap again (lest you judge, remember I'm pregnant...and hormonal...and had a son who didn't take a nap...) My first phone call was to Babies-r-Us where the woman asked me what I wanted the crib tent for. When I told her I wanted it to keep my son in his crib, she said "That was NOT what it was designed for. It was designed to keep cats out, not kids in." And then proceeded to tell me that they were recalled and I wouldn't find it anywhere. I had a sneaking suspicion that she was against crib tents and may not have been accurate - afterall, if they were recalled, why could I buy one on Babies-r-Us's website right away? Clearly she doesn't have a toddler trying to escape from his crib onto hardwood floor and potentially wreaking havoc on the house.

My next phone call was to Goores where the very helpful woman told me she'd see if they had any in the store. She came back on the phone and said there was ONE left. Thankfully, my husband went on his lunch break and picked it up minutes after she told me there was one left.

Last night we put it on the crib (at 11pm when we got home) and it worked!!! Hallelujah!!

P.S. I pulled up the website with the crib tent and would like to call the Babies-r-us employee back because here is a direct quote from the site, "Our deluxe Cozy Crib Tent not only prevents climbing and keeps little limbs from getting stuck between crib rails!" Ummm....not what it was designed for? Perhaps she needs to inform the manufacturers of the product itself!

Final Score - Mama: 1. Connor - 0. Walmart - 0. Babies-r-us - O.


Amy Walton said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

bahaha! what a bunch of idiots! Sounds like the guy at Sears when I needed help choosing a sewing machine.
So sorry! Glad you found one!!

Kirsten said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Full blown disaster mode- 0-60 for a pregnant woman for sure! lol!
I wish I would have known about this tool!

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