Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doctor Appointment Update

I thought I was going to have an appointment with my doctor who was supposed to be back from maternity leave, but they rescheduled me with a nurse practioner. I explained that I haven't been able to feel Baby Girl at all, but I HAVE been able to feel Baby Boy all the time. She said that was totally normal and it could be placenta placement or it could just be where she is in general. But to appease me, she asked if I'd like an which I happily and eagerly replied "YES!!" You do realize this means that I have had an ultrasound at every single appointment so far? What a lucky mama I am!

I am measuring close to 30 cm (for a singleton baby this would be 30 weeks). So, I'm right on track for where I should be.

I have gained 11 pounds...which sounds like a lot, but the nurse said, "Oh perfect! That's a perfect amount!" I bet she says that to women who've gained 20 too. =)

Baby Boy:
Baby Girl
Baby A & B's Heads


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