Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Phase

Connor is in this new phase lately where he loves to give kisses and I LOVE IT!!! Before he tells us "night night," he's already puckering up and making kissing noises for us to give him kisses. When Mr. Howard gets home from work and I greet him with a kiss, Connor will come running across the room to get one too.

Yesterday he actually wanted to cuddle with me and then asked me for a kiss out of nowhere. Cuddling and Connor don't normally go in the same sentence, so I am ecstatic!
 Can you see the little shelf the babies have formed for their big brother to sit on my belly?! What lucky little siblings - already getting smashed by their big brother!
We are currently battling this screaming "No!!" stage too. Anyone else go through this? We tried time-out for a few weeks, but it happens so many times a day - dare I say maybe 40...that I felt like time-out was sending the wrong message. I'm trying a new strategy of just staying really calm in my voice and saying, "Please don't yell at mama and daddy." He stops almost immediately and does something different. It doesn't always correlate to making him do something he doesn't want to do, either. Sometimes he'll just shout it out randomly. It's usually at full volume and usually has this particular face that goes along with it. Thankfully he hasn't done it in public. Any ideas? What's worked for you?


QueenVII said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a sweetie!!! Gotta love it when they are loving. Avii went through terrible 3's and was practically wretched, but now that she is 4 she says "I love you mama" outta the blue all the time... makes your heart swell!
Is he yelling "no" at you or just as the expression?

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Vanessa, he does both. He yells no at us when we're trying to ask him to do something (like get off the coffee table) and he'll yell no for no apparent reason. He also regularly yells no at the dogs!

courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

When he does it AT you, remove him yourself or make him change the behavior by removing his choice and independence in that situation.
When he does it just to do it, I would ignore the behavior and not react.

My Connor is the biggest lovebug with me. He loves to cuddle with me and is constantly telling me he loves me. He was about 18 months or so when he got super cuddly and is still that way. He is a complete mama's boy! Megan got the benefit of the belly shelf when I was preggo with Connor.

Kirsten said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It is super hard but we isolate b in the corner. When he's done, we bring him back talk to him about why he was there and then hug and he says sorry. It can be really frustrating if you feel like you've done that for the 10th time that day- j was like that- and so with him we had to isolate him further to his room. Just depends on what the punishment is for that child- for j- he is totally social- for b- he doesn't want to make us dissapointed. But doing it consistantly will work- just exhausting :)

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