Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I am/not Loving!

What I'm not loving: Losing an hour of sleep!

What I am loving: It's 8:10am and Connor is still fast asleep!!! (He normally wakes up at 6am, so even with the time change, this is an extra hour of sleep!)

What I'm really loving: Going through all the photos my friend Diana took of Connor and Sophia a few weeks ago (see this post). There are SOOO many to post, so I'm having to narrow it down.

Look at them sweeping!
So cute!
Whenever Connor tries to feed you something, he opens his mouth. We must do that when we're trying to get HIM to eat something. =)
Sippy Cup Fun
Let's see what tiny spaces we can crawl in
So cute! Diana don't you want more babies? Hehe!
What a lucky friend I am to have someone watch my son AND take adorable photos!!

What I'm REALLY NOT loving: Mr. Howard got into a car accident this morning. He's fine, but it took several hours to get a rental car all set up, tow truck, claim with insurance, and it's Sunday so we're having to drive to the airport (like 35 minutes away) to get a rental because nowhere else is open! Ick!


courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh no!!! Glad he is ok. I so know how not fun getting all that done is, especially on a sunday, or 2 days before x-mas (in my case) So glad he is ok.

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