Thursday, April 7, 2011

24 Weeks

It was kinda funny. I had to fill out a pregnancy depression survey and the third question on it was "Are you having trouble sleeping or feeling like you're sleeping too much? Is it hard for you to get out of bed?" I laughed out loud. How does that signify depression? Isn't that just pregnancy? Hehe!

My Size/Development
I mentioned this in my Tuesday's post, but I am measuring at 33 weeks for a singleton mom. I still only have maybe 2 tiny new stretch marks on my hips. I keep waiting for reality to set in and my body to start producing the battle wounds I prayed for - for a year when we struggled with infertility- to start showing up. But so far, my good genes have kept me stretchmark free on my belly. And yes, I do realize that by typing this, I am asking the stretch-mark Gods to prove me wrong and bless me with a zillion, just to make me a liar. I also developed a metallic taste in my mouth this month. This is completely new for me!! I emailed the doctor to ask her about it and she confirmed that they have no idea what causes it (theories...but no proof). It can't be related to my prenatals because I've been on those for almost a year now.

The Babies' Size/Growth
They are each about 12 inches. They are covered in downy hair called lanugo, as well as a cheesy coating of vernix (thought to protect the delicate new skin).

The babies have reached viability!!!! For most moms who haven't delivered a stillborn, this probably isn't a big milestone. But there is NOTHING like hearing that you are going to be delivering a baby and the doctors are going to hand him to you until his heart stops beating. I know that a baby born at 24 weeks still only has a 50% chance of survival - but I'll take that over doctors doing nothing.

Random Twin Fact
The average birth weight for twins is 5 lbs 5 oz.

And because I think these are so cool, here's what I look like...


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